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The Chamber package

Do you want to design a truly unique children's room, but lack the vision? I will come to your house, see the space, talk to you (and your child) about things that inspire them, show pictures and ideas. We will come up with some starting points together. I will then take this info home and work up a plan for you; a style board and floor plan, with specific items and places to shop. You will have a full work up for your child’s dream room, and a starting point to complete the project on your own. 




The Chambermade package

Do you lack the time and vision to create a unique bedroom, nursery, or playroom for your child? Let me take over. I will come to your house for an initial consult. I will talk with you, (and your child) about ideas, themes, and things that inspire them. I will then take the info home and create a plan, and style board, send it over for approval and if we agree, I will get to work. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, but if you wish, I will do it all. This also includes my designers discounts at most places.








"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease ever to be able to do it." -Peter Pan

The Pinterest Budget Package

This package is the most economical and can be done all over the phone and email. For this package, you send a photo of your room. Fill out a questionaire on your child and ideas you may have, with budget in mind, etc. I will then send you back a completed design board with links to all your purchases. If then you wish to use me as assistance, you may, if not, you never even need to see my face. *This package could otherwise be known as the J. D. Salinger package.



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